Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stop the "Honor Crime"

I haven't had time to update the blog, but I was really excited when I read an article at website, and I had to post something about it.

We all hear about the horrible so-called "Honor Crimes" that steal women's lives away mercilessly. Fathers, husbands, and brothers kill their daughters and sisters just for thinking that they had a relationship with someone without them knowing.
It's basically about Sex. The Syrian honor is unfortunatily stuck between the legs of Syrian women.

It is really unfair to have perverted men, who go to brothels everyother day, talking about "Honor" and "abstinence". Women always have to follow the rules and stay virgin, while men can have whatever they want.

When these horrible men commit their "honor" Crimes, they get a little jail time. Most of the time it doesn't get longer than 2 years. There's no honor in killing. Even if there's a so-called "honor" it should be condemned.

Fortunatily enough the "Syrian women" website, have started an online petition to outlaw the wrong use of the "Criminal acts with "honor" intentions" law. I'm so glad that women and men are waking up and starting these movement to grant the security of women and their rights.

Please visit their website and sign the petition:


Blogger Stellar said...

You know? I never understood it. I mean where on earth did these killings come from? I don't know of any religion that allows that, so it's not from there. That's one point, another point, why is ok for a guy to go do all that is wrong then when somebody just suspects a woman is being deviant she's killed in the name of honor?? Now that's just not civilized nor does it make sense.

And that Law? It terrifies me that that the goverment actually doesn't consider it cold hearted murder. Just 2 years in prison? That's just wrong. I believe in the death penalty and I think all people who kill in the intention of killing should get that.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Amr A said...

I've read in champress that the Syrian Mufti has called on the government to change the law so that honour killings are classified as 1st class murder. He's also posted an article about this topic on his website.

I hope the government changes the law soon. It's a stupid law that shouldn't have made it into the constitution in the first place. I agree with Stellar those criminals should receive the death penelty. That's the only fair punishment.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Stellar said...

There you go, even religious figures are trying to change that law.

I seriously would like to know the logic they have for that law? Who actually passed it?

Alas, all will get what they deserve in the end. If these murderers get away with on earth, there's always thereafter. God is just.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Sharks said...

Just 2 years in prison?!...u gotta be kidding me! never fails to put my brain on fire when men brag about their sex life...while a girl can be killed for suspicion...
men need to be reminded that "What goes around comes around"...i take it as a fact...cus God is out there n' he's can u expect to get away with it?!...if u gonna fuck somebody's daughter or sister...don't u think it's gonna go around at u?!!...

10:02 AM  
Blogger no one said...

i wanted to say somethin in this ...
كل شي الله بيأجل حسابو للسما ..ألا الشرف بياخد حقو بالارض قبل السما

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual in Muslim countries and societies, whether Arab or non-Arab there is obvious double standards and hypocrisy! The so-called 'honour killings' happen in Syria, Jordan, Occupied Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan etc.
No Muslim, regardless of sex can deny that the concepts of HAYA/GHIRA (shame/shyness), 'IZZA(honour/dignity) and 'IFFA(chastity/purity) are very important for BOTH men/boys and women/girls!
Unfortunately in this day and age where most Muslim countries and societies have become highly male chauvinistic. Because of this excessive and abnormal male chauvinism men/boys are highly regarded if not actively encouraged to go out and have sex with as many women/girls as possible. Deflowering a girl/woman is even more highly regarded. In fact such men/boys are looked upon as heroes by their peers and would be given medals if this could be done!
Now guys it takes TWO to tango, i.e. it takes BOTH a man/boy AND woman/girl to commit ZINA (adultery). If we are going to look at this from a Islamic Shariah perspective then BOTH need to be punished, NOT just the woman/girl but ALSO the man/boy. To kill the woman/girl and allow the man/boy to get away with it (if they actually did zina in the 1st place) is making a mockery out of the Shariah.
The Shariah also does NOT allow anybody to accuse anybody else of committing zina on a mere whim, fancy or suspicion - there are actually very stringent conditions.
The whole concept of so-called 'honour killings' is an invented thing made by male chauvinists and has absolutely nothing to do with Islam or its Shariah or protecting HAYA/GHIRA/'IZZA/'IFFA. This kind of vigilantism and taking the law into your own hands is absolutely condemned by Islam as it can potentially lead to anarchy/chaos and such practices!
In summary so-called 'honour killings' are completely unacceptable in any Muslim society and country, whether Arab or non-Arab. Ignorant people shuld NOT use the guise of religion to justify an abhorrent and barbaric practice.

(N.B. I am a practising Muslim and wanted to clarify this matter)

10:55 AM  
Blogger ernesto esteves said...

Good to be here!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Detlev Mehlis, the German investigator leading the U.N. inquiry into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, is convinced the bombing was plotted by a group of high-ranking Lebanese and Syrian intelligence personnel; his report, which he will hand over to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan Friday, is set to reopen old wounds in Syria-Lebanon relations.
According to an article by the German newsmagazine Stern, which will hit the newsstands Thursday, Mehlis, 56, has launched investigations against key figures of the intelligence circles in Beirut and Damascus. United Press International has received the full text of the article ahead of publishing.
According to the piece, written by a journalist close to Mehlis and the investigation, the German and his U.N.-mandated, 100-strong staff heard from more than 400 witnesses about the Feb. 14 assassination of Hariri, the popular former Lebanese politician, who was killed along with 20 of his followers when a bomb exploded under his convoy in downtown Beirut.
While most of the witnesses are not suspected of being involved in the killing, some high-ranking Syrian officials are: Among them, according to Stern, Roustom Ghazalé, the former head of Syrian military intelligence in Lebanon, and Asef Shawkat, the current security chief in Damascus. Mehlis questioned six more high-ranking Syrian intelligence officials, Stern said. Shawkat's involvement could prove especially damaging to Damascus, as he is the brother-in-law of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
In an interview with CNN, Assad denied any involvement in the killing and vowed to punish any Syrian proved to be involved in the affair.
The Syrian government has borne the brunt of Lebanese and international outrage at the killing, due to its extensive military and intelligence influence in Lebanon, as well as the public rift between Hariri and Damascus just before the prime minister's resignation. Mehlis' mission coincided with growing U.S. pressure on Damascus to control its 310-mile border with Iraq, stop supporting radical Palestinian groups, and end its interference in Lebanon where some say Syrian intelligence is still operating despite the withdrawal of all troops earlier this year.
The report will be made public just days after the death of Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kenaan rattled Damascus. Kenaan, 63, was reported to have committed suicide in his office earlier this month. He served between 1982 and 2001 as the head of Syria's military intelligence service in Lebanon where Damascus maintained several thousand troops and an important contingent of intelligence personnel from 1975 until last April 26, when under international pressure Syria was forced to withdraw. Mehlis questioned Kenaan, but not as a suspect, Stern reported.
He did, however, grill Ghazale for five hours, after which the Syrian reportedly acted rather self-assured: "I love all Lebanese, and Hariri I have loved especially dearly," he said according to Stern.
But Mehlis confronted him with his own motif: Investigators had found $20 million on one of Ghazalé's Beirut bank accounts -- all that with his rather modest monthly salary of roughly $3,000. Mehlis asked the Syrian how he got so much money, to which Ghazale reportedly did not directly answer.
"What does the $20 million have to do with the murder?" he finally asked.
In Lebanon, Mehlis' investigation has led to deep insecurities. The government has beefed up security ahead of the report's publication to ease fears Beirut would slide into chaos. It had initially proclaimed the killing was done by an individual suicide bomber, but Mehlis and his team quickly found otherwise: At least eight people have been directly linked to the assassination, Mehlis found, with a total of 20 people overall involved in the case. Hariri's followers opt that the men responsible are tried before an international tribunal.
Four high-ranking members of the Lebanese intelligence have been arrested. In June, Mehlis' team had searched office and private apartment of Mustafa Hamdan, the pro-Syrian head of the presidential guard. Hamdan is accused of messing with evidence at the scene of the crime, as he ordered to fill up the crater left by the bomb, Stern said.
Prosecutors arrested three more Lebanese officials, including Jamil Sayyed, the country's former security chief. Sayyed has sworn innocence, and said to prove so he would "go to the end of the world."
Syria is under great international pressure from the United States and France over the killing. Washington is expected to increase pressure on the Assad regime if the assassination proves to lead to Damascus. Observers say Syrian involvement in the killing would be near political suicide: It would likely destroy Syria's international reputation and hand its opponents a reason to deliver the blow that could finally destabilize the Damascus regime, and even possibly bring it down. Washington considers Syria a state sponsor of terrorism, though it maintains diplomatic relations with it.
None of the big political killings in Lebanon were solved in recent years -- but Mehlis has a reputation of getting to the truth.
The 56-year-old German from Berlin has solved the "La Belle" case, the terrorist bombing of the Berlin discotheque in 1986, which killed two U.S. soldiers and a Turkish woman. Mehlis accused Libya of direct involvement in the bombing.
The importance of his new report and his own role might be compared to that of Hans Blix, the U.N. investigator who was deployed to Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction, which he did not.
The U.S. magazine Newsweek earlier this month reported that the U.S. government had discussed a possible military intervention in Syria. According to the article, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice convinced her colleagues to await Mehlis' report for a decision. The goal seems to be to "get [the regime] by the throat, and then really squeeze," Joshua Landis, a Fulbright scholar in Damascus who runs an influential blog called, told Newsweek.
So does Mehlis' report decide over war and peace? Or does it simply result in sanctions that might bring about the end of the Assad regime?
"I never wanted to be compared with Hans Blix," Mehlis told Stern. "But now I know how he must have felt."

4:19 AM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Glad to read this post. It's very important that pepole talk about this, debate, and do things like signing petitions etc..

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Eva said...

Hi Rami, it's electric_blue_86 from the ZG forums... I just wanted to let you a message on your nice blog!! All the best,

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Hadya said...

Thank you for this very important message, you have put on your Blog. I congratulte, "honor-killings" are against islam and should be punished with the severest punishment a government has. There should be no pity and no mercy. I have been to Syria severeal times and visiting many provinces, I have never seen honor crimes, which is perhaps a sign, that they don't happen very often. Many of the so called honor crimes are "killings of envy" here in Europe. It has something to do with wrong male proud and minority complex. On the other side it os not only the fault of the society also the fault of the mothers, who educate their sons else then their daughter. An other very important question I have, is Swaida really so a worse province???? I have been there several times and I didn't have the feeling that girls are more or less suppressed than in other regions of Syria, additionally the girls in Swaida City were very modern, not only in clothing also in their thoughts. I please you for an answer. Thanks Hadya.

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Social topics are important and should be addressed in the way you have started when you raised female killing. I think political and social issues in Syria can not be separated. Government with current structure is not taking on social issues and not allowing others to take on the issue. Parliament is not elected freely and people there without debate of programs. Civil laws are worse now than 50 years ago, not to mention the current social fabric is more prejudice and the situation is dire. Basic living needs are beyond reach and education is poor without any social objectives. They still looking to raise a generation who will clap well to the leader and talk only about nationality and shout against Americans. Let them have, the regime is going to create tasteless meal in the future.

3:11 PM  

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