Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stop the "Honor Crime"

I haven't had time to update the blog, but I was really excited when I read an article at website, and I had to post something about it.

We all hear about the horrible so-called "Honor Crimes" that steal women's lives away mercilessly. Fathers, husbands, and brothers kill their daughters and sisters just for thinking that they had a relationship with someone without them knowing.
It's basically about Sex. The Syrian honor is unfortunatily stuck between the legs of Syrian women.

It is really unfair to have perverted men, who go to brothels everyother day, talking about "Honor" and "abstinence". Women always have to follow the rules and stay virgin, while men can have whatever they want.

When these horrible men commit their "honor" Crimes, they get a little jail time. Most of the time it doesn't get longer than 2 years. There's no honor in killing. Even if there's a so-called "honor" it should be condemned.

Fortunatily enough the "Syrian women" website, have started an online petition to outlaw the wrong use of the "Criminal acts with "honor" intentions" law. I'm so glad that women and men are waking up and starting these movement to grant the security of women and their rights.

Please visit their website and sign the petition:

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The rudiments have always been misinterpreted during history, dispite the good intentions of many disciples who's faithfull belief was strong and unswayed.
Most leaders interpret the old words to their advantage in the attempt of gaining leadership and power over those unfortunate enough to fall under their maliciousness and manipulative ways. This misuse of trust will forever stain the pages of history, echoing the exploitation and the frailty of decent men carried away by nurtured rancour...

words by M.Jansen

I hope one day that people would look at the core of their belief and goodness, and decide for themselves...