Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Religions Introduction

Syria is mostly a muslim country; however, if you look closely, you'll find many other religions and minorities and even many different sects of the majority. Almost every sect or religion has survived persecution and oppresion for years.

Not many surveys or censuses about the demographics and population of Syria exist. The few that are availble might not be 100% accurate, including the information that is provided by the CIA world factbook which happens to be the sole source for many websites and encyclopedias.

-Sunni muslims make 74% of the population while the Hanafi and Shafii schools of Sunni faith are dominante.
-Alawite muslims are said to make 10% of the population.
-Christians, 10% (including various Catholic and Orthodox sects and a minority of Protestants)
-Isamilites, Druz, small community of Yazidis, and handful of Jews make up the rest 6% of the population.

Religiously, Syria is fairly moderate, whether with its Islamic or Christian sects, compared to its neighbors. And surprisingly, there's no official religion of the state, making Syria one of very few secular countries in the middle east. Whether the state is indeed secular or not, it is a topic that I will discuss later.

In the next entries, I will discuss certain sects and religions seperately, and I will talk briefly about their history.


Blogger Vox Populi - Agent Provocateur said...

"And surprisingly, there's no official religion of the state"

Well there's one for the president, which is the only common point with Lebanon

10:19 PM  
Blogger Tolerant Damascene said...

That is so true.
I will talk about how secular the state is in a different entry. :)

4:33 AM  

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